Engine Error Codes

Welcome to Engine Error Codes information service. EngineErrorCode.com is listed ODB , ODB-I and ODB-II codes with their meanings, reasons and how to fix them. These Engine Error Codes divided 4 parts : Diagnostic Body (B) Trouble Code ,Diagnostic Network (U) Trouble Code ,Diagnostic Chassis (C) Trouble Code and Diagnostic Powertrain (P) Trouble Code.
Engine Error Code Logic :
1st digit
P = Powertrain
B = Body
C = Chassis
U = Network

2nd digit
0 = Standard
1 = Manufacturer specific
3rd digit
1 = Emission management
2 = Injector circuit
3 = Ignition
4 = Auxiliary emission
5 = Vehicle speed & idle control
6 = Computer & output circuit
7 = Transmission
Engine Motor

How To Diagnose Engine Errors ?

When a car's on-board diagnostics system identifies a problem with the car's performance, it turns on a dashboard warning light and registers a code that identifies the issue. This engine error code, called a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC), is stored in the OBD system and can only be accessed by connecting a scan, or diagnostic tool into the EOBD diagnostic socket and reading the DTC off the display of the scanner.

Engine Check Light Meanings

Yellow List

ecu list 1
  1. Anti-Lock Brake System Warning
  2. Gas Cap Loose
  3. Low Coolant Level Detected
  4. Low Fuel
  5. MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp
  6. Reduced Power
  7. Service Required
  8. Theft Deterrent
  9. Time For Maintenance Indicator
  10. Transmission Warning

Red List

ecu list 2
  1. Battery/Alternator Warning
  2. Catalytic Converter Warning
  3. Electronic Throttle Control
  4. Ignition Switch Warning
  5. Low Coolant Level Warning
  6. Oil Level Low
  7. Oil Pressure Low
  8. Temperature Warning
  9. Theft Deterrent Fault
  10. Transmission Fault - Do Not Shift
  11. Transmission Fluid Temp Warning